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In the name of the merciful, merciful God


Make your frog


Jafar Saberi


Business and business consultant

Do you know why the rock is packed in?

Because it's closed!

Jesus says that I was so terrible.

Do not stop talking to anyone and do not endorse or even reject it, just by shaking her head to realize that you are paying attention to her and attracting you!

Jafar Saberi

Always think today and this is the last hour and day of your life!

Small people are like springs, no matter how big you grow, they come back first when you leave them.

In the sea where there is a ban on swimming, what else can you do?

Being self is being mean!

Write down a list of all the worries and write the most important ones. After a while, we will see more important and will eventually be eliminated and resolved.

I will give this book first to myself.

I suggest you present the book first to yourself

Pretty dry people die!

Sometimes Adam's misery is sometimes a woman, even the mother of Adam!

People are like a fountain, they climb high, but they do not have a place to go and return!

Now they're getting bigger!

Do not grudge the people of the world to be your fan

From the age of ten I liked to learn to make frog paper, but I never could, or better, I did not want to be able to! For more than forty years, one day, beside the cold water, I dropped into a two-piece paper frog in my passage and decided to break the spell and reverse engineer the fan to make frog with paper alone!

On the Thirty-Thirty-Days, I made a paper-sized frog ragged in different sizes and colors, much better than the original, and gave each of my friends the gift of a paper frog, and I said that from today, even if it's a frog for you build !

Honestly, these days I was sad, nervous and worried, and in general I was not happy! Uniformity of life always suffers me and I do not like to be unplanned. Therefore, I constantly define the program for myself, and I say to myself:

The fallen beach said: "Although I lived a lot

No one turned out who I am

A sharpening wave is taking place and said:

If I go, I'm not Grenrom!

And dozens of other sentences come to me. Our lives are full of needs and shoulders.

What we should not have but we did not say, but we made decisions that we should not take, but we took, and the summary of our present state of affairs is the result of our decisions and behaviors of yesterday, and if we do not see today and do not think that tomorrow is this or maybe worse It will be ahead of us.

But the fear of moving and getting away

Do not hesitate to talk to anyone and do not endorse or even refuse to say it, just by shaking her head to realize that you are paying attention to his speeches and attractive to you!

Jafar Saberi

Always think today and this is the last hour and day of your life! But we must always think:

Always think today and this is the last hour and day of your life!

How would you like to live for the last moments of your life and the last day of your life?

What would you like to see from others about your image?

How do you remember your child and define his child?

How will your wife get old with you?

How would your closest friend be happy with your memories?

What does the enemy say about you?

Perhaps the last moments of life, would a man go to a corner and live in peace and quiet?

Maybe it's not a bad thing for each of you who you want to remember to create just one frog of paper and write their names so that they can see you all the time? Then make your frog right now:

Make your frog

But how many frog for a few?

Maybe the frogs do not reach them?

Maybe the frogs are lost and not worthy of them?

And maybe a lot more ... that comes to mind!

I wish you could talk about the importance of these frogs when you could and when you wanted to make a gift and gift them as you like!

But why do you need to figure out how you loved and thought about by creating a frog of paper in your last day and time!

When you could give it to yourself and do things that you did not have done to that day and that time, why not smile at death and do not run your head down and you do not live your life! Perhaps death is from Do not miss you, why not kill a frog and do not give him a gift for the angel of death?

Honestly, I doubtless do this and take decisions over and over again that have been a kind of smile to death!

I say :

Sometimes you should lick your dog like a dog to be good!

Why so :

We shrink ourselves more by hanging out others.

So live and think about life. Let's think about how we can deal with others and how to treat them, how we treat them, how to speak and how to behave, how to talk and what to do. But it's very hard And difficult, but not an option to be ignored:

By saying that we are tired, tired or angry, we have given the right to the other side beforehand.

You should not leave the field to the opponent. It does not mean that you stood up and get tired of yourself, which means you should sometimes think that this opponent is a worthy opponent of our character!

I was arrested one day with a neighbor's son, and when I was defamed, I kicked a joint, but he went and this time with the whole family, father, mother and even his greatest brother came. In our house, my mother opened the door and said, "Sorry, there were two children who They fought, then they reconciled and played together, and we should not mutter in one's mouth, but the father of the boy disrespected me, and my mother took me into the house and closed them in the door!

Then he said to me:

If someone is higher than you, go on the roof, discuss it if you go out of the house, and leave it behind you.

I always remember how to discuss with some. Indeed, my mother taught me not to argue in general. Although, unfortunately, this method did not respond more often and the other party was wrongfully reaching its goal, but at the end I felt good. I did not feel kind of a sense of strength and ability how good it was with this dirty creature, and I was so close to myself. I have not been Perhaps you have heard dozens of sentences from the big people like you:

Never argue with foolish people

Going and passing through, because the flowing water teaches humankind, but it still has to stay and scream:

Screaming weak people and smiling people!

It was a great one when a man with a foolishness began to argue in his own way. The people around him do not understand who is right!

You have to go and make a frog in the corner and give it at the first opportunity and give it to the other side!

And how beautiful the great man said that:

Do not grudge the people of the world, that you are wise.

When you see God, you do not see the creation, and when you sit down with God, you will surely be profitable!

In the name of the merciful, merciful God

I want to talk to one, but when I called the engineer Mousavi and congratulated Eid, I asked, I said good things, but you do not believe it! The god Ali went on to moan in the well, except Ali Imam Hassan and Imam Hussein and Hazrat Abbas and Zeinab did not have children! So why he chose the wells for pain, he did not have a slave at his head this morning, but his sons were not with him, where he was slain and martyred, so where was the milk of the men. How much was Ali alone, how old was the martyrdom? Woe to us, how distorted and misleading this history was for Abraham, who left her beautiful young woman with a baby boy in an abandoned wilderness and grass, and lifted her life, and went to the next years to come to her son's head. Tell me what this story is! I am in front of Job, the Prophet, Salih, Noah, or even Younes, to be so tolerant and tolerant. I will seek refuge in you and save me, or you will be right.


Throughout my life, I have learned a lot so far, and I have to say that I still have a lot of things to keep in mind. So I say to myself:

The people will break down sooner!


A friend wrote: "I learned this from the past!"

Do not argue with the ignorant and let me live happily in my small world.

I do not argue with humans, because I know that I have nothing to lose, but with my action, I'm sure to bother my soul.

Avoid jealousy, because if I give it up to the world, it will hate me.

And I prefer loneliness by being in a community that I do not own.

It's not long before I forget and do not mind three things, I can not help anyone, I can not change everything and everyone will not love me.

And I have never come across life that makes my journey easier.

I knew that I would never abuse anyone who loves me.

I do not have to worry about anyone who needs me.

Never betray anyone who trusts me in my heart.

Never forget the one who always remembers me.

Life experiences have taught me to never break four things

the trust



And the heart

Because they are silent, but their pain is great and lasting.

And in the end, never think that you should have done something a few years ago. This idea is not suitable for a successful and happy life. Always think that I want to start right now and know that the best years of your life will begin after such a decision.

And another friend wrote that "The Secrets of Happiness" and Life Directions are as follows:

Happy Life Guide

Do not waste money and time for travel and tourism

Live today for yesterday and tomorrow not yet

If you love something, speak it

If you do not understand, ask

If you want to see someone, invite it

If you ask for something, ask for it

If you want to understand, explain it

If it is a fault, you should accept no excuse

Remember, everyone has a reason for doing something that may not match your logic.

The most important thing in life is love, the rest is marginal

Always remember the life of the return button. Do not enjoy life


Dear and dear friend, I came to the conclusion that the regret and the painful knee do not solve the problem with tearing away from time and time!

I sometimes talk to God and I wonder why this happened, and how much better if I wanted to be, and I know that what I was supposed to be can and I do not see that I am satisfied with the will of God who loved me so much. And except for his mercy, there is nothing else that includes me!

Does art like this be able to create such an amazing amount of work, and Lee does not like it and do not like it? I place myself as a creator, and I think it is cruel when you create a work and work with up to the debate. Rise up!

Jesus Christ (c.) Narrates the beautiful story of God in the Twentieth Bible:

1 For the kingdom of heaven abode in the house of a house, which went out in the morning, so that it might pay for a vineyard for its vineyard.
2 And when he had brought a dinar one day, he sent them to his vineyard.
3 And he went out to the third hour, and saw others in the unemployed market.
4 And he said unto them, Go ye also into the vineyard, and give you what is right in your name. And they went away.
5 Again, he returned to the sixth and ninth hour.
6 And he went to the eleventh hour, and found many more idle. "Why do you stand idle all day?"
7 They said: "No one took us to pay." He said to them: "You too will go to the vineyard and you will find your right."
8 And when it was time to dinner, the owner of the vineyard said to his watchman, "Call upon the mercenaries, from the last to the first to pay them."
9 And when the eleventh hour was come, they found every man in the dinar.
10 And the first came, they thought they would find more. But they also found each dinar.
11 But when they came, they complained to the householder,
12 They said, "This last worked one hour, and made them equal to us who have suffered the heat and the heat of the day."
13 And he answered one of them, saying, My lord hath not oppressed thee. Did not you give me a dinar?
Take your right away. I want to make the last one like you.
15 Is it not permissible for me to do what I will do? Is not your eye bad because I am good?
16 Therefore, the last and last will be the first, because there are many readers and few chosen ones.

Undoubtedly, if we are ignorant and we are fairly fair, God knows our goodness and goodness more than ourselves. And so in the Holy Qur'an, the Prophet Imam Ib 26 says:

Say: Fools! You rule over the people; you give it to everyone you want, and you will rule from anyone; you will give everyone the will; you will despise whomsoever you despise. All goodness is in your hands; you are on everything Qaderi .

But this does not mean that we sit down and do not miss and wait for our destiny, but try to work together with a proper planning for success and progress, and that God will undoubtedly act in the interests of our society if we are to be attainable to them. Not to know that:

Going to sit on the void

I do not want to work hard enough

Honestly, I did not have much time to do in my life, and I decided to put myself in line with Newton's first law and:

Come on!

But I went and when I saw God's mercy, I saw that God loves me like this:

He likes to bless this turmoil

Effortlessly trying to break this up

Because if we step in and seek God and help, then God's grace is heard on us. Perhaps, in the same way, we are to serve the goddess and open the knot of human labor, to be good, and to have mercy. God bless and promise:

You are the leader and the leader

Tell yourself how Chen went with iodine

It must be accepted that life has no color, and that it is beautiful, if it was to be what we wanted, we would have been experiencing a life of singing.

And how much the memory of Qaisar Aminpour beautifully said:

Sometimes it is fitted with its own

Sometimes one hundred intro changes


Sometimes in our lives we love those who are so fond of us so much we can eat what we do, we love Azizi for years and I think that he will be everything for me! I traced the coming days with how and when I would like to see the happy days, but one day I saw that whatever was a mirage, and contrary to all my thoughts, he was never the one I thought ... maybe you, too, because of me This is the condition of God! This is also the mercy of God, which means that we are in a position to know that the heart of love for others is love, and it should be noted that:

Exercise is far away from anyone

It is nice to have a beautiful peacock not to shave

A joke friend said:

Life is his wisdom

Office life is one of the events

Do you roll a few leaves and we'll leave the rest

Sometimes you have to sit down and bored with a beautiful fur coat and send it to a friend you love to know that you still love him and you have to go to your own life and give it a heartbeat for what you have come to life!

Believe me, the tranquility you make with the creation of a frog will be more relaxed with these people, and then remind me!

Or right

Jafar Saberi

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